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ESCWA Examines Media Strategies to Empower Women

Jun 21, 2011 - 09:47 -

WAM Beirut 21 June 2011 (WAM) - The Centre for Women of ESCWA today opened an expert group meeting that will be discussing for two days how to promote the empowerment of women through strategies and media campaigns.

"The meeting tails region-wide radical transformations and changes in which women are playing a noticeable, but marginalized, role because media is not giving it the right coverage," said chief of the Centre, Fatme Kassem, at the launch of the meeting on "Strategies and Media Campaigns to Promote the Empowerment of Women in the ESCWA Region." The 21-22 June meeting also aims at reviewing "The Media Strategies for Arab Women 2009-2015," which was developed by the Arab Woman Organization.

Kassem reminded participants that one of the areas tackled by the landmark 1995 Beijing Platform for Action for the Advancement of Women is the role of media in empowering women and raising awareness about their causes. That program called for scientific research and studies to identify women-related media policies. She underlined the importance of this meeting as an opportunity to share expertise and successful experiences at both national and regional levels in campaign launching to raise awareness about women issues, support their rights and promote their empowerment. The meeting was also to call for relevant national strategies, with plans and machineries to implement.

Participants from member states of the UN regional commission will discuss the experience of Jordan in launching media campaigns to support the rights of working women and pass a law to protect women from domestic violence. Another experience to be discussed is that of Morocco, which launched a media campaign with a focus on lifting reservations over the Convention for the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Kuwait will also present its experience with media campaigns to empower women at the political level.

Deliberations in the expert meeting will underline efforts of civil society and regional organizations in launching regional media campaigns to support women's rights. The experiences of two non-governmental organizations, Oxfam and KAFA (Enough Violence and Exploitation), will be showcased.

Participants in the meeting include experts from national agencies and ministries and from women councils and committees.

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