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KALIMA publishes Eckhart Tolle's 'A New Earth and the Power of Now' in Arabic

Apr 1, 2010 - 04:04 -

WAM Abu Dhabi, 1st April 2010 (WAM) - KALIMA, the translation initiative of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), announced the publication of the work of Eckhart Tolle, 'A New Earth and the Power of Now', translated into Arabic. The book was translated by Samer Abu Hawwash.

The Arabic version of the book was published in ten chapters comprising of 263 medium-sized pages. It includes an introduction by HH Sheikha Salama bint Tahnoon bin Mohammad Al Nahyan.

"When I started reading the book ´┐ŻA New Earth' by Eckhart Toole, as part of the Liwan activities (a cultural club) , I found myself on a journey of the mind. The book transported me to the threshold of the House of Wisdom, where I could smell a fragrance from the past, and could envision its light. I reflected on this wonder of human capability, to be lead by the will of the Caliph al-Mamoon to translate masterpieces of foreign thought. It has created a part of history with its dedication to both science and knowledge. It has captured wisdom from a variety of sources and formed a new horizon that has illuminated the path for mankind for many centuries," Sheikha Salama wrote, in the introduction.

"We are all in much need of inhabiting the House of Wisdom. Here our creativity would thrive; we could pass on knowledge and add to our own, drink from the springs of the wisdom of others, and share experiences in a passionate human exchange. This will serve to publicise our role and will also prove that completing each other is the very foundation of life. Civilization is a mobile legacy that is not limited to only one nation," she added.

The Liwan initiative, a cultural club, was established in Abu Dhabi in 2004 under the auspices and chairmanship of HH Sheikha Salama bint Tahnoon bin Mohammad Al Nahyan. It was created in a bid to consolidate the family values that are derived from the faith and heritage of the UAE, and it seeks to preserve the national identity.

Sheikha Salama said that KALIMA's idea of translating the "A New Earth" book will inherently serve Arabic culture. It will even strengthen the position of its language, whose importance is cited in the holy Quran.

"The writer is credited for a spiritual awakening by everyone who reads this book with an open heart and mind, without prejudice. This awakening is not only inevitable, but necessary for the survival and continuation of humanity. Spiritual ideas are widely received in our age. The material aspects of life have prevailed and grown, casting a shadow of injustice and darkness on the sunrise of our spiritual lives. But this sunrise has the power to cleanse the stains of the soul, and break the isolation of the heart, so that rays of light might give warmth and come to revive life," she added.

She concluded by saying: "These ideas are not hugely different to mine. Muslims should be fully aware that our heavenly teachings have given the two sides of ourselves - the physical and the spiritual - coinciding attention. Muslims are asked to enjoy their lives, without losing sight of their work for the Hereafter. Working towards the afterlife is the route that all believers must take. It drives one to refine the self and the soul, in order to reach the highest levels of humanity." Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and author, was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. He devoted the next few years to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation. This marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counsellor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada.

He is the author of a number of New York Times bestsellers: 'The Power of Now' (translated into thirty-three languages) and the highly acclaimed follow-up 'A New Earth'. These works are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

Eckhart's profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world to find inner peace and a greater fulfilment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of the violent conflict which is endemic on our planet.

He is a sought-after public speaker and teaches and travels extensively throughout the world. Many of his talks, intensive teachings and retreats are published on CDs and DVDs. Most of the teachings are given in English, but occasionally Eckhart also gives talks in German and Spanish. In addition to 'The Power of Now' and 'A New Earth', Eckhart has written a book designed for meditative reading, entitled 'Stillness Speaks'. A book consisting of selections from 'The Power of Now' is also available, entitled 'Practicing the Power of Now'.