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Abu Dhabi's UPC launches Estidama sustainable programme

Nov 20, 2008 - 07:32 -

Abu Dhabi, 20 Nov. 2008 (WAM) - To enable Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, the Urban Structure Framework Plan for Abu Dhabi, to establish a distinctive framework for measuring sustainability performance beyond the usual planning and construction phases, The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), the agency responsible for the future of Abu Dhabi's urban environments, is addressing sustainability concerns of the community at large through 4 key angles; environmental, economic, social and cultural.

By setting up new standards, the UPC, through its Estidama sustainable program, has developed its "Community Sustainable Responsibility" initiative, Estidama CSR 2030 (ECSR 2030).

ECSR 2030 is breaking new grounds out of which innovative resources will be generated to also serve the private sector by monitoring and reporting sustainable initiatives that will reinforce the Emirate's plans.

To ensure that the scope of ECSR 2030 is as wide as possible, the ECSR 2030 practices program was designed to answer to the following objectives: - To provide an overarching framework to promote and implement Plan Abu Dhabi 2030's vision through its sustainable guiding principles.

- To pioneer visionary governance that puts emphasis on managed sustainable growth with the objective of providing long term certainty.

- To develop compliance regulations through indexes tailored to the 4 pillars of the Estidama program (environmental, economic, social and cultural).

- To provide guidance on processes needed to successfully comply with the predefined indexes.

- To develop a specific auditing and certification process.

- To produce appropriate information materials and conduct campaigns to encourage organizations to adopt ECSR 2030 sustainability management principles.

- To become the signature that gives Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 its edge as THE sustainable Urban framework model.

- To become the benchmark for sustainable regulations internationally.

- To make a meaningful contribution towards global sustainable development.

- To promote sustainable practices for the benefit of the next generation.

One must not forget that one of the most important legacies of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, "Father of the Nation", was the preservation of the Emirates natural environment for future generations.

With ECSR 2030, the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council has decided to go beyond existing sustainable initiatives by monitoring, enforcing clear procedures, and clarifying responsibilities that are crucial to support its 2030 vision. ECSR 2030 reflects a new responsive mindset that transcends the frontiers and that is projecting a vision of a harmonious diversified society that is culturally rich and evolving into a continuously stable environment.

Consistently framed by its 4 pillars, the ECSR 2030 program for sustainable practices is promoting and implementing a multidimensional view of sustainability that demonstrates its underlying mission as an agent of social and economical development.